Composite Fillings in Naperville

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. Naperville Family Dental provides high-quality composite (“tooth-colored”) fillings in a caring and welcoming environment.

When Are Dental Fillings Needed?

Dental fillings are an effective treatment for cavities, where tooth decay has caused a defect in the tooth. Cavities will likely become worse if left untreated, with more tooth structure decaying until further complications like an abscessed tooth or infection can occur. A dental filling protects the exposed tooth surface and prevents further damage.

Fillings are a relatively simple procedure in which the tooth decay is cleaned out and the cavity is filled with a durable and long-lasting resin material. In the past, many different materials have been used, such as gold and amalgams (“silver fillings''), for dental fillings. Today, with our composite tooth filling, Naperville residents can enjoy long-lasting and esthetically-pleasing results.

Cavities are generally identified during routine dental check-ups. They can also be discovered from their symptoms, which can include increased sensitivity or pain when pressure is applied to the affected area. Without routine check-ups, cavities can often progress into more serious issues before they are detected.

Composite Dental Fillings

At Naperville Family Dental, we provide high-quality composite fillings. This is the latest technology available for repairing teeth due to cavities. Instead of traditional materials, this treatment uses a specialized composite resin that is then cured with UV light to provide a durable, long-lasting and esthetically-pleasing dental filling.

One of the primary benefits of composite fillings is that they appear very natural. Some traditional filling materials have a distinct silver color that can be very noticeable when used for fillings in any teeth other than those in the back of the mouth. The more naturally colored composite fillings are practically unnoticeable.

When placing a dental filling, the decay (or cavity) in the tooth is cleaned out and removed so that only healthy tooth structure is remaining. With composite fillings, less tooth structure is removed when preparing the tooth for the filling compared to gold or silver “amalgam” fillings, allowing patients to retain more of their natural tooth structure and enhance the longevity of the tooth.

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