Implants, Implant Restoration, & All-on-Four

Your teeth play a vital role in not just how you eat and speak; missing teeth can severely hamper your quality of life. Dental implants provide a wide range of alternatives for replacing individual, multiple, or even all of your teeth.

Dr. Jonker and the team at Naperville Family Dental work with the best oral surgeons in the area to provide patients with quality dental implants, implant restorations, and All-on-Four implants.

Implants & Implant Restorations

In most cases, the first option for repairing a decayed or damaged tooth is a dental filling or crown that uses the tooth’s natural roots as a foundation. However, a tooth cannot always be saved. When a tooth is missing or removed, dental implants provide an effective and natural-looking solution to replace any missing tooth or teeth in the mouth.

The dental implant process involves the surgical placement of a dental implant (or “post”) to serve as the foundation for an implant crown or bridge. The implant is placed into the jaw bone to mimic your natural tooth root structure. After the dental implant is placed, we will obtain a 3D scan of your mouth to custom design and fabricate an implant crown or bridge, providing you with a natural-looking, durable and long-lasting restoration to replace any missing tooth or teeth in the mouth.


All-on-Four is a specialized dental implant technique that is used to provide a permanent and fixed (non-removable) replacement for all of a patient’s teeth. All-on-Four implants can be an effective fixed alternative for patients who may otherwise require removable dentures.

Dental implants have a number of notable benefits over removable dentures. The solid foundation and permanent nature of implants prevent the slippage and sore spots that dentures are often prone to. They also provide a more natural feel and appearance, restoring more of the patient’s natural ability to eat, speak and smile.

All-on-Four implants also play an important role in maintaining bone in the jaw. Many patients who receive dentures see a gradual reduction in bone mass in their jaw as the years go on, potentially leading to complications. Implants prevent this bone loss in much the same way that natural teeth do.

Find Out What Your Dental Implant Options Are

Getting dental implants can often be a long process, with both the recovery time after the initial surgery and the potential need for preliminary bone grafts lasting for months.

It’s always best to start sooner and find out what your options are. Book a consultation with the team at Naperville Family Dental today to find out whether dental implants are right for you.

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